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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is an Artix Account system required to play AE games?
A. The Artix Account login is required to play Epic Duel, BladeHaven, PonyvsPony, and Herosmash, but is not currently required to play other AE games. Eventually, all AE games will use the Artix Account login including any new games. You do have to have an Artix Account to redeem an Artix Entertainment Upgrade Card as stated on our Upgrade Card Page.

Q. How do I create an Artix Account?
A. Click on the black Register button next to the Login button above. Be sure to choose a name that is different from your other account login names. Don't use your real name. Never share this name with anyone. In order for us to help you, we require your real email address. We will not sell or share your email address. Please be sure to enter your real age, as well.

Q. How do I link my game accounts?
A. After logging into your Artix Account, click on 'Link Game Accounts' to the left. Next, choose the game that you're linking, then enter your game account name and password. Then click the Link to Artix Account button. Also on this page you can see all of the game accounts you have linked. Game accounts cannot be linked to multiple Artix Accounts.

Q. Can I remove an account that I've linked?
A. Click on 'My Games', then click the name of the account you want to unlink. Then click on 'Unlink Game Account' to the upper right. Game Accounts that exclusively use the Artix Account login such as EpicDuel, HeroSmash, PonyvsPony and any new game accounts cannot be unlinked at this time, but we are working on a transfer system.

Q: Why does the list of game accounts linked to my Artix Account seem incorrect?
A: Try logging out of your Artix account and log back in.

Q. How can I play games once I've linked my game accounts?
A. Click on 'My Games'. This takes you to a page that lists all of your linked accounts. Each account has a Play Now link next to it. Click on the link to play game that you want to play. The game will open up in a new window.

Q: Can I use my Artix account login/password to log into AQ/DF/MQ/AQWorlds?
A: Not yet. That is coming soon!

Q. How can I change my Artix Account password, email etc?
A. Click on 'My Account', then click on 'Change Password' or whatever option you want to use and go through the steps. Your EpicDuel/HeroSmash/PonyVsPony and any new game logins share the same password.

Q. Will there be achievements?
A. Yes, we have released achievements and will keep releasing more in the future.

Q. Will there be item transfers?
A. No, but it's better to say that there is 'item unlock.' Cross-game achievements will make it possible for you to use items in one game that you obtained in another. We are working on this now for you, coming soon!


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