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Artix Entertainment Game-Tastic Game Challenge!

February 11, 2011

Vote for Your Favorite Game!

Played though all of the new games? Which one is your favorite? Let your voice be heard by voting for your favorite game based on Fun, Graphics, Sound, Music, and overall awesomeness!

Vote now HERE and let the best Team win!

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February 11, 2011

A Friendly Reminder...

fat panda reminder

Tags: Fat Pandas

February 11, 2011

Fat Pandamonium

Day 5! We made it! The Fat Panda minigame is 99.9999999% complete! The Team has some final bug testing and some very minor edits, but after that… we will be DONE!

fat panda hungry

fat panda still hungry

Here’s a spoiler preview of what we have so far. We’re looking into making the derp food bigger so fat panda can become even fatter! That’s the object of the game, afterall ^___^

As long as Artix doesn’t steal Yorumi from us…again…grrr…we hope to release our game first! Yay!

OH YEAH! In AQWorlds tonight… a special shop in Battleon will be released so you can bring FAT PANDA to the world of Lore!

fat pandas in aqworlds

Waahhahaa! Fat Pandas rule!

Tags: Fat Pandas


February 10, 2011

What’s on the Menu?

Fat Panda is getting pretty hungry as Day 4 rolls around. And great news: the Team is *almost* done with the whole game! In the meantime… why not feast your eyes on the Fat Panda Buffet Menu!

making fat panda hungry

Once the game nears completion, we will be sure to post spoiler pics just for you! And maybe a GIF or a video clip of sorts… if we can figure out how to do that.

Go Pandas!

Tags: Fat Pandas

February 10, 2011


Hey, hey, we know it’s late...





derpy taco derp

Derp Tacos Rule!

Tags: Fat Pandas

February 07, 2011

Fat Pandas ROOOOL

Day one!* Team Fat Pandas huddled together and started planning our minigame. It’s ganna be a game where your main (and only) objective is to shoot as much food as you can into a very hungry little panda. The more unhealthy food you get into his mouth, the fatter he will get. Simple, right? BUT WATCH OUT! If your panda eats the healthy veggies and organic foods, he will get skinnier and skinnier. You can’t let this happen—the game is called FAT Panda, after all! A buffet of food is currently being cooked up by Safiria, Jemini, and Beleen while Lodarasz mans (or, rather, womans) the panda artwork and animation. Yorumi is making the engine mechanics and Warlic will be providing the necessary burps, farts, and omnomnom sound effects.

only you can make panda this fat

Only 3 hours into the competition and Team Fat Pandas seems to be off to a pretty good start. But then again… anything can (and most likely will) go horribly wrong. So stay tuned for our hair-pulling computer-throwing firin’-our-lazors minigame-making fury!

*This was written on Monday... but Ai no Miko** was slacking over there and didn't get it posted until today. Heheheheheh >:D

**UPDATES! It was not Miko who was slacking... it was ZHOOM! Lol ^___^

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