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Artix Entertainment's Game-Tastic Game Challenge!


The games are in... time to play them! With only 5 days for the teams to build a game from scratch, they did a really good job! The level of creativity and innovation was surprising. Thank you for the opportunity to build these games this week. Also, congratulations to all of the teams who finished their games. You can vote for your favorite games by clicking their LIKE button or by voting on the forums using the link under the game window. Battle on!

Team Blue's Mini Game:


Soothe Screenshot How To Play:

Move using the WASD keys
Hold the left mouse button to shoot
Find the key to unlock each level's exit
Get weapon upgrades and health from some enemies
A good score multiplier is the key to a high score
Play Soothe!

Team Boss Fight's Mini Game:

Ninja Shadow Assault

Ninja Shadow Screenshot

How to Play
Battle Ninjas!

  • Use arrow keys to move
  • Press Z or CTRL to attack

Play Ninja!

Team Classy Badgers' Mini Game:

Battle Fruit

Isonian Screenshot How To Play:

Use the A and D or ARROW KEYS to move. Use the MOUSE cursor to aim. Use SPACEBAR or W to jump, and LEFT CLICK to fire!
- Upgrade your firepower as you go.
- Kill ALL the turrets and enemy bases to win!
Play BattleFruit! Classy Badger's Notes

Team Fat Panda's Mini Game:


Fat Panda Screenshot How To Play:

Use left & right arrows to make fat panda move
Eat Unhealthy Derp Food, get fat!
Eat Magical Glowing Bamboo, get moar time to get fat!
Eat Healthy Derp Food, burn calories to lose fat AND points
Play Fat Pandas! Fat Panda's Notes

Team Have anyone really been far as decided to use even go want to do look more like's Mini Game:

Zorbak's Rampage

Isonian Screenshot How To Play:

Zorbak found a Mech, poor Moglins.
Controls on the splash screen.
Play Zorbak's Rampage!

Team Judi Chop Mini Game:


Isonian Screenshot How To Play:

It's Survival time for the Isonian.
Use your arrow keys (or ASWD) and run around fighting as many monsters as you can, for as long as you can. CTRL to attack and SPACE to use your shields. Good luck and remember ISOOOOOONIAAAAAAAAAN!!!!
Play Isonian!

Team Stick Quest Mini Game:

Stick Quest

Isonian Screenshot How To Play:

Voidrin has been unleashed from the Void. But you're not going to stop him, you are Voidrin!!!. Destroy everything with over 25 skills!

  • Arrow Keys to move
  • Space to default attack
  • ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVXYZ - Unleash your powers!

Play StickQuest! Stick Quest's Notes

Team Triple Rainbow Mini Game:


Organism Screenshot How To Play:

Use the tools on the left to build your musical world.
Select a tool by clicking on its button on the left. Then simply click on the game screen to build!


  1. Organisms: activate objects on stage. Blue organisms have 100 vibes. White organisms have 1 vibe.
  2. Glowsticks: create musical notes when hit with Organisms.
  3. Flowers : Spin to create harmonies - only three flowers are allowed.
  4. Hearts : Trigger beats.
  5. Skulls: Bounce around and destroy objects.
  6. X: Delete single objects.

Hint: The height at which you put an object on the stage determines it's musical qualities.

If you experiment enough, You might just gain the approval of the cheetah!
Play Organism! Triple Rainbows's Notes

Team Robot Unicorn Mini Game:

Gnome Man's Land

Gnome Man's Land Screenshot How To Play:

Collect gold to summon units to defend your base while assulting the undead armies.
30 second rules
Play Now! Robot Unicorn's Notes

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