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Join Zorbak over at the EbilGames web site and play fun games like: Monster Joust Madness, Robina's Monster Hunt, Jimmy the Eye, and Moglin Punter.

And checkout the "Ask Zorbak" section to hear Zorbak's opinions on all things necromancy. Twilly might even make an appearance to shake things up!

Game-Tastic Game Challenge!


For an entire week, Artix Entertainment split up into small teams of 2-3 people with the goal of creating new mini-games. You can say we took a break from building games... to build games!
It was challenging, exciting and everyone unleashed their creativity.

The Games include: an sandbox music game, 3D mecha game, a live action game, the original Fat Panda, an isometric scroller with Thyton making wierd noises for the music and more!


Defy your destiny... and become a true HERO!

The hope of an entire kingdom has just been thrust into you hands! The king's last legion of knights has just fallen in battle! Now you, a lowly squire, have been just promoted to the kingdom's only remaining knight! You have an armory of weapons to wield, monsters to slay, princesses to rescue, dragons to fight, spells to cast and achievements to be made!

BladeHaven is the first ever Artix Entertainment Minigame! It is a fast-paced 1st person sword dueling game in which you swing your mouse like a real sword to vanquish your enemies! Buy upgrades to access more powerful items and spells! Earns tons of achievements that will save to your Master Account so you can show off your uber sword skills to all of your friends!

Bladehaven Minotaur

BladeHaven development is finally completed! It has been a blast to work on and it is shaping up to be a very cinematic experience. The animation and artwork is absolutely superb. Thyton did all of artwork and Yergen Von Shmergenbergen made it come alive with spectacular animation! In my spare time, from coding the game engine, I put together a musical score with over 60 sound effects. I also took the sound engine from MQ and extended it some new fading features – So in BladeHaven we can have smooth crossfading transitions between songs and battle music that changes as the end draws near!

Prepare to save the kingdom of BladeHaven!
Battle On!
AdventureQuest 3D


BioBeasts Live Now!

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