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How-To-Play BladeHaven

  • How do I swing my sword?
    To Swing your sword, simply press and hold the left mouse button. Then swipe the mouse from side to side to swing your sword at the enemy.

  • How do I cast a spell?
    To Cast a spell, press the <V> key on your keyboard to open up the rune circle. Then, trace the Magical symbol while holding the left mouse button.

  • How do I block?
    To block, press and Hold the <SPACE BAR> on your keyboard. Watch you shield stamina bar carefully. When it is depleted you are unable to block!

  • I am having trouble casting spells. The enemy keeps smacking me while I am tracing the rune!
    Here's a hint: You may actually block and cast spells at the same time!

  • Why should I create a Artix Entertainment Account?
    Bladehaven has many great features and items that are only accessible to players who have an Artix Entertainment account. Players with Artix Entertainment accounts will be able to save and load their characters, earn over 30 special in-game achievements and access the best items/spells in the game! Also, there is a special pet Mercenary Gnome for AQ Worlds for all players who purchase a Mercenary Contract in BladeHaven!

  • How do I Save/Load my character?

    You can load and save your character by using the Load and Save Character buttons in the BladeHaven Options Menu. (Note: Loading and permanently Saving your character requires a Artix Entertainment account).

  • What Are Artix Points?
    Artix Points (also called BattleOn Game Points) are a special type of purchasable currency that may be used to purchase items and upgrades in all Battleon Portal Games!

  • How Do I get more Artix Points to spend in Bladehaven?
    To get more Artix Points, you can click on the "Menu" button in the Artix Entertainment interface at the lower right hand corner of the screen. Then click on the "More Points" button to open up a new page where you can add points to your account! Alternatively, you may enter this address in your web browser to go directly to our payment pages.

  • Where can I see my Bladehaven Achievements?
    From within Bladehaven, You may click on the Artix Entertainment Interface in the lower right hand corner of the game screen. Then Click on "Achievements" to view all of the achievements in the game. You will see a Trophy next to all of the achievements that you have earned and a Lock next to achievements that you have not yet earned. You may also view your recent achievements on your Artix Entertainment Achievements Page.

  • I have an AQWorlds character, can I get special stuff by playing Bladehaven?
    Yes you can! If you purchase a Mercenary Gnome contract in Bladehaven, you will automatically get a mercenary gnome pet in AQWorlds!

  • Will Bladehaven have weekly releases like AdventureQuest, DragonFable, MechQuest and AQWorlds?
    No. Bladehaven is a portal minigame. So, it will not be updated on a weekly basis... However, if things go well, we hope to release new chapters in the future!

  • Bladehaven runs slowly on my machine. How can I improve the game performance?
    Click on the “Options” button to change graphic quality and/or hide the weapon icon during battle.

  • How do I recover a lost or forgotten account?
    If you lost your account, you may recover it by following the instructions on our recover account page.

  • I have a question that is not answered here. Where can I go for More Help?
    Artix Entertainment support may be found here: https://portal.battleon.com/help/

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