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Special Offer! Sign up for Netflix and receive 4250 free Artix Points!


If you have never signed up for Netflix before, you can sign up now, and receive 4250 Artix Points.
You must be 18 or older to sign up for Netflix.

4250 Artix Points is a lot of points! Here are some of the things you could get

  • AQWorlds 3-Month Membership + 1000ACs (Costs 4,000 Artix Points)

  • DragonFable Dragon Amulet + 200DC (Costs 4,000 Artix Points)

  • MechQuest Star Captain Upgrade +200NG (Costs 4,000 Artix Points)

  • AdventureQuest Guardian Upgrade + 1000ZT (Costs 4,000 Artix Points)

The following items are worth 4,000 Artix Points

  • 5000 AdventureCoins (Costs 4,000 Artix Points)

  • 6000 Z-Tokens (Costs 4,000 Artix Points)

  • 5000 DragonCoins (Costs 4,000 Artix Points)

  • 5000 Nova Gems (Costs 4,000 Artix Points)

  • 2500 Varium (Costs 4,000 Artix Points)

With Netflix, you can watch as many movies as you want streamed over the internet directly to your computer or TV! Netflix also works on Microsoft Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii & 3DS, and Sony PS3

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