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Browser MMO PVP Game: HeroSmash

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Special Deals

Rare Binsoku Items

Supremo Package:
6000 SmashCoins + RARE Items

The bonus rare item set gets you the best of the best.
Not only do you get 6000 SmashCoins to spend on some amazing items, and super powers in the game, you also get this special rare armor set designed by Dage the Evil, from AQW. His second set has really raised the bar. This set transforms to create a walking arsenal of awesomeness.

This item set will only be around for a limited time, and then it will be replaced with a new set, making it forever rare. This is an incredible deal, and is not to be missed!

  • Binsoku Armor really personifies the term HEAVY METAL. This transforming suit will let you customize your armor beyond belief.
  • Binsoku Head Morph augments the Binsoku set. Dual state transformation makes this morph a must have.
  • Binsoku Jetpack finalizes the whole Binsoku set. The transformations of this pack are amazing, and explosive.

Once you purchase the 6000 SmashCoins pack, the items will be immediately stored into the item bank for all of the characters on your HeroSmash account.

You may only have ONE set of the items. If you purchase the Supremo package again you will receive 15 PvP Tokens instead of any duplicate items. Also, if you sell any of the items, it is necessary to buy the Supremo package again to get the item back.

HeroSmash Membership Information

HeroSmash memberships are no longer for sale

Please buy SmashCoins to get premium game content in HeroSmash.

The HeroSmash/AQWorlds cross-linked "VIP" Membership System has ended. Purchasing a membership in AdventureQuest Worlds will no longer give you a free HeroSmash membership.

Current Members

If you are an existing member of HeroSmash, your HeroSmash membership will last (virtually) forever! On July 7, 2014, you received a one-time bonus of 5000 SmashCoins for every month remaining in your membership. You also had your HeroSmash game account membership extended automatically by +50 more years!

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