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What do I do if my account is banned, muted or disabled?

Accounts in our games (or Artix Accounts) are banned or disabled for 4 types of reasons:

1. If you entered the wrong password to login too many times, your account may be temporarily banned. Click the 'Forgot your Password?' link inside the game if available to retrieve your current password. Or you can visit the following Lost Password links:

Artix Account Lost Password Page
AdventureQuest Lost Password Page
DragonFable Lost Password Page
MechQuest Lost Password Page

2. If you break our rules in-game in our MMO's (AQWorlds, EpicDuel and HeroSmash), your account will be banned or muted for 1, 3 or 7 days. The most common reasons that receive a ban or mute for rule-breaking in-game are:

  • Spamming chat
  • Profanity/inappropriate language (evading our filters)
  • Verbal abuse
  • Hate Speech
  • Sexual Harassment or anything sexual in nature
  • Griefing
  • Packet Spamming
  • Using any kind of hacks/cheats/bots/trainers

Since we have in-game moderators monitoring and manually banning players, bans and mutes cannot be appealed. Accounts will be banned or muted for the full duration of the ban/mute. Screenshot proof can be made available for any ban longer than 24 hours (1 day.)

Repeated offenders may have their accounts permanently banned or muted. If you have 3 or more longer length mutes in a 30 day period, then your account can be permanently muted, which means you will not be able to chat, regardless of upgrading or confirming your email. There are mute warnings posted to you in-game and emails that are automatically sent to your email on file when you are muted. Chat is a privilege, not a right.

In our single player games (AdventureQuest, DragonFable and MechQuest), your account or character page may be disabled due to hacking/cheating in-game. Usually you will see that you are in the cheater's clan or you receive an error of some kind when gaining experience.

3. If you have a payment issue, your account may be temporarily, or depending on the severity of the issue, permanently disabled. This includes any kind of refunds/disputes/chargebacks/etc that have affected the payments made to the account or any associated accounts. Whenever there is a payment issue, any associated game accounts are disabled as per our Refund Policy. If you did dispute a payment and want to get your account reinstated, please visit our Help Page.

4. If an account looks compromised, shared or traded, it may be temporarily disabled until ownership can be verified. We do everything we can to protect our players and if an account does look compromised, it will be disabled until the actual owner contacts us or will be automatically returned to the original owner. If you were warned by the Artix HelpTeam for account sharing and/or your password/email was changed WAY too many times, your account may be permanently disabled. It would only be permanently disabled if we warned you and reset your account multiple times and it appears you did not heed our warning and keep sharing/trading the account, which is NOT allowed.

Please read our Rules and Terms and Conditions. All players have to agree to them before creating an account and twice when upgrading. If you feel your account has been banned/disabled/muted in error and would like to make an appeal, please email using our email form below.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are attempting to login to your MMO game account with your current or new password, and you are receiving the message that your password is weak, please login to the AQWorlds Account Manager or your Artix Account and go to the Account Menu to the left and change your password to something else stronger. This will unflag your account for having a weak password and you will be able to login.

For any other questions about a banned/disabled/muted account, please email:
Artix Account - EpicDuel. HeroSmash, OverSoul
AdventureQuest Worlds

Only use the link below to email us if your account is banned, disabled or muted. If your account is hacked, go to Account Recovery. If you try and use the webform to gain access to an account that is not yours, your own account(s) may be disabled.


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