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I lost my equipment, items, currency, etc!

We are very sorry that your stuff is missing. We understand how awful it feels to lose something on your account.

Unfortunately, we cannot return something that has been deleted, destroyed or is missing. This is also stated in our Terms & Conditions that all players agree to when an account is created.

We cannot give back your stuff if:

  • You made a mistake and accidentally got rid of an item or spent in-game currency, please make sure you sell/delete items and spend currency wisely!
  • If you lose any items/in-game currency due to 'hacking' or if you choose to share/trade your account.
  • Membership time is lost, we also have no way to "reset" your account back to its creation date.
  • We cannot replace any temporary quest/mission items if you do log off, as those are temporary items.

What we CAN do:

  • If you have a paid account, we may be able to check your currency spending history for inconsistencies, but this would be on a case by case basis as a one time exception. Please contact us immediately after items are missing. If you wait too long, we will be unable to do an investigation.
  • We can recover your account and give you tips on how to keep it safe!

How can I prevent my stuff from disappearing?

  • NEVER EVER give out your password! This is the Number One Reason that players lose their stuff!
  • NEVER EVER share, trade, sell or give away accounts!
  • Please visit our How do I keep my Artix Account secure? Help Page to learn how to keep your account safe.

contactPlease email us to recover your hacked/stolen/lost account.

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