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I have a failed/declined payment issue!

A credit/debit card/PayPal payment may fail or be declined for any of the following reasons:

  • Entering wrong information including billing address, card information
  • Reaching the payment processor's monthly purchasing limit
  • There is an issue with your bank/credit card account, like not enough funds
  • You are entering a billing address in one country but are physically in another
  • There is some other issue with your location, billing address, cards or PayPal account
  • If you are trying to make a payment and it is timing out, please enable 3rd party cookies on your browser or try a different browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer

Q. What happens if I keep trying to make a payment and it fails/declines?
A. If you attempt to pay multiple times and your payment attempts fail/decline, you will see multiple holds/pre-authorizations if you are using a debit card. A failed payment or other payment issue can also occur when you abandon a payment (start but do not finish making a payment) or click the BACK button on your browser.

Q. What if I do not know why my payment attempts are declining/failing?
A. We receive very little or no information from our end from Xsolla or PayPal regarding why a payment is failed or is declined. The reasons above are the most common reasons and if you do not think your payment is failing/declining due to one of those reasons and you need more information, please contact Xsolla or PayPal directly, their contact information is at the bottom of this page.

Q. When will my pre-authorization drop off?
A. Most pre-authorizations in the US will drop off in 5 business days or longer, depending on your financial institution. Most pre-authorizations outside of the USA will drop off in 5-10 business days. Holds in Australia or New Zealand can take 30 days or longer.

Q. What other payment methods can I use that won't cause pre-authorizations?
A. All other payment methods except for credit/debit card payments usually do not have pre-authorizations.

Q. Can I use a pre-paid/gift credit/debit card?
A. Pre-paid or gift credit/cards are usually not accepted by Xsolla or PayPal as there usually is no identifiable billing information. If you can register a billing address, then the card may be accepted. If you cannot, most likely the payment attempt will fail/decline and you will see a pre-authorization.

Q. I entered the wrong billing address when attempting my payment, how can I enter the correct one?
A. When attempting to make a payment, if you enter an incorrect billing address, you should be able to go back and enter the correct address before attempting your payment again.

Payment Provider Contact Information

Xsolla - credit/debit card payments

  • Through Xsolla's Help Section http://help.xsolla.com/, you can submit a ticket, use live chat, email support@xsolla.com or call them for assistance
  • Xsolla offers assistance in multiple languages and phone numbers for multiple countries


  • You can search for answers to any questions or email PayPal via their Customer Support Page
  • You can call PayPal directly at 1-888-221-1161
contactPlease email us if you still need help with a failed/declined payment.

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