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Artix Points FAQ - How Do I Spend My Points?

Do you have a question about Artix Points? Your Artix Points questions are answered here! If your question is not answered here, please let us know so we can add it!

Q. What are Artix Points?
A. Artix Points are Artix Entertainment's special elite currency that can be purchased for your Artix Account and spent on any Artix Game upgrade including Memberships and in-game currency!

Q. How do I purchase Artix Points?
A. Click on GET POINTS at the top of the page and then you can choose how many Artix Points you would like and can choose which payment method you would like to use, then follow the steps. Please visit the main Payment Help page which lists the payment methods we offer and how to pay with most of the payment methods such as PayPal and Credit/Debit Card.

Q. How do I spend Artix Points?
A. Here are instructions how to spend your Artix Points:

  • Go to our Portal Site and login to your Artix Account
  • Click on My Games at the top left, or you may already be at this page if you just logged in to your Artix Account
  • Under Your Artix Game Accounts, click on whichever account you would like to spend your Artix Points on, all of your linked game accounts will show as yellow buttons
  • For DragonFable, EpicDuel, MechQuest and AdventureQuest you will have to choose which character you would like to spend Artix Points on. NOTE - EpicDuel players will be directed to the Varium Store via EpicDuel's site. You will have to login to the game to choose which Varium package you want.
  • Once you choose the account and/or character you would like to spend your Artix Points on, there will be one or more drop down boxes for upgrades you can purchase - please choose which one you would like based on how many Artix Points you have
  • Click the BUY button
  • The next page will confirm you have chosen the correct upgrade, if you chose correctly, click the BUY NOW WITH ARTIX POINTS button
  • You now have your upgrade!

Q. I can't spend my Artix Points because I don't have my Artix Game Account linked. What do I do?
A. You will need to link your Artix Game Account to your Artix Account before you can spend your Artix Points on an upgrade. Please visit the How do I link/unlink game accounts to/from my Artix Account? Help Page for more information.

Q. How many Artix Points do I have to buy to get an upgrade or in-game currency?
A. Please visit the Artix Points Packages Help Page for a list of the packages offered. For example, purchasing 4000 Artix Points for $19.95 will give you any $19.95 game upgrade.

Q. What do I do if I spent Artix Points for an upgrade for the wrong account or character?
A. If your spent Artix Points on the wrong upgrade, account or character, as long as you did not play the upgrade/membership or spend any of the in-game currency, we can give you your Artix Points back so you can re-spend them on the correct upgrade, account or character. If you did use the upgrade you purchased, we are sorry, we cannot give you your Artix Points back, so please choose what upgrade you want and what account or character you want upgraded carefully!

Q. What if I purchased Artix Points for the wrong Artix Account?
A. As long as the Artix Points weren't spent yet, we can transfer the Artix Points to your correct Artix Account.

Q. Can I transfer Artix Points to another Artix Account?
A. Yes – but only if the Artix Points are unspent and if you want the transferred to another one of your Artix Accounts. We cannot transfer spent Artix Points to an Artix Account that is not yours.

Q. How do I purchase Artix Points for someone?
A. Since account sharing is not allowed, we offer Artix Points Gift Certificates that you can purchase. Please visit the Artix Points Packages Help Page to see what Artix Points Gift Certificate packages are available and the How do I purchase Artix Points for a friend/relative? Help Page for more information.

Q. How do I get my Artix Points if I have purchased an Artix Upgrade Card?
A. Go to our Upgrade Card Page to redeem your Upgrade Card, which will then convert into Artix Points (ex. a $19.95 Upgrade Card equals 4000 Points.) Then once you receive your Artix Points, you can spend them on any game upgrade! You do have to have an Artix Account to redeem an Artix Upgrade Card so you receive your Artix Points.

Q. What do I do if my Artix Account was hacked and my Artix Points were spent?
A. We are very sorry your account was hacked – please make sure to go to the My Account was Hacked, Stolen or Lost! Help Page to get your account back. If your Artix Points were spent by the person who had access to your account, please let us know when they were spent and to what other game account and we will investigate. As long as we can see that the person who accessed your account spent your Artix Points, we most likely can get them back for you as long as you contact us right after they were spent.

Q. Can I have Artix Points for free?
A. We are sorry, we do not give out Artix Points for free. However, you can complete Offers and earn Artix Points for free! Offers consist mostly of surveys and free trials you can complete and signup for and receive free Artix Points.

Q. What if I have leftover Artix Points and don't have enough to purchase an upgrade?
A. Sometimes there may be some leftover Artix Points on your Artix Account and you don't have enough to purchase an upgrade. Your Artix Points never expire, so as soon as you purchase (or earn for free with Offers!) some more Artix Points, you can also use up your remaining Artix Points from last time. We are going to try and offer other things you can purchase with Artix Points so any players who have smaller amounts left can spend them!

Q. What is the point of purchasing Artix Points? Can't I just purchase a direct upgrade for the game I am playing?
A. You can – but only for AdventureQuest Worlds, DragonFable, MechQuest and AdventureQuest. All of our other games use an Artix Account to login, so the only way to purchase upgrades for those games (EpicDuel, HeroSmash, OverSoul, etc.) and our minigames (BladeHaven, PonyvsPony) is to purchase and spend Artix Points.

Q. How do I see how many Artix Points I have?
A. Simply login to your Artix Account via our Portal Site and see how many Artix Points you have left!

Q. Do my Artix Points expire?
A. Artix Points never expire! We do encourage you to use them soon after purchasing so you do not forget you have them or the upgrade you want is not longer available.

Q. I used SMS to purchase Artix Points, how come I received a different amount compared to last time I purchase Artix Points?
A. Since most countries have their own currencies, it depends on what the current conversion rate is for your currency and that determines how many Artix Points you receive. We have no control over currency conversion rates but the SMS companies will give you as many Artix Points as money you have spent. Please visit our SMS help page for more information.

contactPlease email us if you have any questions or issues with Artix Points.

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