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I need help with my SMS/phone payment!

Did you make an SMS/phone payment but didn't receive your Artix Points? We can help!

An SMS message is a "simple messaging system" that allows you to send a fast text message to someone. We offer SMS mobile as a payment method to make and confirm payments for Artix Points only. You can spend Artix Points on any AQWorlds upgrade. We offer SMS mobile payments through the payment companies Boku and Allopass and home phone payments from Allopass.

Allopass also has a payment system which allows buying Artix Points using a regular "land line" telephone (not a mobile phone.) To use Allopass for a home phone payment, you call a "premium" pay-per call phone number. In the U.S. these are called 900 numbers. The amount of Artix Points you receive will depend on the payment cost, currency exchanges, etc. PLEASE NOTE: You must be age 18 or older to use this method of payment, so please get your parents to call if you are under 18 years old.

If you made the SMS or phone payment but did not receive your Artix Points yet, here are 3 things to remember:

  • Please be patient! SMS/phone payments can take time. This is especially true if you are making multiple SMS/phone payments at a time. Please wait at least 24-48 hours to see if you receive your Artix Points or not.
  • Double check your Artix Account. You may have received your Artix Points, but need to logout and login again to your Artix Account before they show up.
  • There is a chance your payment failed, so please double check your phone bill. If your payment did fail, please try again! If your payment requires sending more than one SMS message, and one is successful and one fails, you may get partial credit, so please wait 24-48 hours.

Paying with PayPal or a credit/debit card will always give you more Artix Points than a phone payment will, so we do suggest using those payment methods instead.

If you still haven't received your Points as per above, or have another SMS issue, here is our SMS/phone payments Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ!)

Q: I sent my text and never received a response. What happened?
A: This most likely means that your cell phone company is not compatible with Boku or Allopass. Please contact these SMS payment companies directly to find out why.

Q: I sent my text, and received a text response that said to reply to the message with "YES". I sent the reply, but have not received another response. I did not receive an access code.  How come?
A: It sometimes may take up to 15 minutes or longer to receive a response. PLEASE WAIT UP TO 24-48 HOURS FOR A RESPONSE. If you never receive a response, your cell phone carrier may not be compatible withBoku or Allopass. Please contact these SMS payment companies directly to find out why, as we do not have access to their systems.

Q: I sent my text, and replied to the response message, and received an Access code. I entered the access code on the Artix game website, and got an error that the Access code could not be validated?
A: First check your Artix Account to see if you actually did get the Artix Points and remember, you may need to re-login! Next, try closing your web browser, then re-open it and go back through the payment process and enter your access code again.

Q: I sent a text and never received an access code. Did I pay and get nothing?
A: In most cases, if you do not receive an access code, then the text did not work, and you will not get billed by your phone company. You may still get billed for the "standard text message rate" for the first text, but you should not get billed for the full purchase amount. Please call your phone company, or check your cell phone statement online to see if you actually got charged for the text message plus the Artix Points purchase.

Q. What if I did successfully pay for Artix Points via SMS and never received the Artix Points? What do I do?
A. There are several reasons why you didn't receive your Artix Points, usually it is due to some kind of issue with your payment. Please contact Boku or Allopass directly for assistance.

Q: What if I disputed/canceled my payment but already received my Artix Points?
A: If you disputed or canceled your payment but already received Points, then whatever you spent the Points on will be removed. This means you will either be downgraded or have negative in-game currency or your Artix Account could be disabled. The only way you can be re-upgraded or positive in-game currency is to repurchase whatever you spent your Points on originally. PayMo/Boku do send us batch chargebacks, so it may take weeks to months to reflect on your Artix Account/game accounts. It is always best to contact us immediately if you have a issue and DO NOT dispute/cancel a payment and please be patient as SMS payments can take some time to process. Please visit our help page for instructions on how to get a disabled account reinstated.

Q: The amount I am being prompted to pay is different than last time. Why isn't the amount of Artix Points I get every time the same amount of money?
A: We are sorry, we have no control over your country's current conversion rates or how much a country's currency will rise or fall in value. We offer the most up to date value of USD versus your country's currency.

Q. I want a refund, how do I receive one?
A. A. We understand that issues can happen and you may want a refund. Unfortunately, we cannot refund SMS payments on our end as we do not have access to Boku or Allopass' systems. You will have to contact Boku or Allopass directly for a refund, if you are eligible for one. They do refund unauthorized or fraudulent payments, so please let them know if you have this kind of payment issue and you should also contact your cell phone company. Please read our Refund Policy for more information as well.

Q: None of this helped! What do I do?
The fastest and easiest way to have your SMS question or issue resolved is to contact Boku or Allopass directly. You can also email Boku at support@boku.com. Boku also owns the company PayMo. 

Q: What if I want to contact you about another SMS/phone issue?
A: contactPlease email us via our SMS email form.

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