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Refund Policy

REVISED December 15, 2015

Our Refund Policy is for all Artix Entertainment LLC games and BattleOn EpicDuel LLC game:

What is refundable:

  • Character upgrades, in-game currency and Artix Points are all covered by our Refund Policy.
  • The Artix Entertainment Terms & Conditions includes this Refund Policy and the Artix Rules. Agreement with the Terms & Conditions is required prior to creating an account.
  • Artix Entertainment refunds accidental duplicate payments, unauthorized payments, or fraudulent payments if we are notified within 60 days of when the payments were made.
  • We reserve the right to issue refunds in exceptional circumstances at our discretion.
  • Refunds can take several business days to be processed and when you receive a refund is entirely up to your financial institution and the payment processor.
  • Artix HelpTeam members are happy to work with customers to resolve any payment issues.

What is non-refundable:

  • Refunds, full or partial, cannot be issued for character upgrades or memberships if they have been played, or if in-game currency/Artix Points have been spent.
  • Any violation of the Artix Rules or Terms & Conditions.
  • Game technical issues.
  • If an account is muted, banned, or disabled.
  • If an account is scammed or hacked.
  • All players are important to us, and if you have an account, payment or technical issue, please let us know so we can help.

Disputing Payments:

  • We encourage customers with payment issues to contact us before initiating any refund requests, disputes or chargebacks, as we are able to assist and refund you much faster than your financial institution.
  • Depending on the payment method, refunds may not be available by Artix Entertainment or the payment provider.
  • For phone payments, please contact the payment companies Boku, Allopass or Paymentez directly, as we do not have access to their systems.
  • For an Amazon payment, please contact Amazon directly as we do not have access to their system.
  • We are unable to refund any payments made with physical store bought cards such as UltimateGameCards (which are no longer available), Openbucks, Rixty, PayGarden, etc. Usually once a physical store bought card is redeemed, it cannot be refunded, but you are welcome to contact the payment companies directly for more information.

Account/Card Owner Responsibility:

  • Any account with a refund, dispute, or chargeback made against it will be temporarily or permanently disabled, as the situation requires. This includes all associated accounts, including those with recorded upgrade, in-game currency, or Artix Points purchases.
  • We empathize with parents whose children have used their financial information (or that of a family member/friend) without explicit permission. However, the legal owner of the card, PayPal, bank account, phone, etc. is responsible for any purchases. We are always happy to work with parents in such situations, as we do understand that these issues can happen.
  • For more information concerning credit card use by minors, please visit our FTC page.

Do you need a refund or have a payment question?

  • For AdventureQuest Worlds,contact please email us here.
  • For AdventureQuest, contactplease email us here.
  • For DragonFable, contactplease email us here.
  • For MechQuest,contact please email us here.
  • For EpicDuel, HeroSmash, OverSoul, Artix Account/Points, contactplease email us here.
  • Customers in North America (United States, Canada, Mexico), you can call us at (813) 774-8493 to request help or to leave a message with our 24 hour answering service.
  • Customers outside North America, we request that you email us, as we cannot place or return international calls.
  • We respond to all email and phone inquiries the same business day they are received or the next business day, excluding US holidays. Email is the fastest way to get your issue resolved. To help us locate your payments, please make sure to provide us with the buyer name, buyer email, contact phone number, email address, and payment information such as dates, amounts and any transaction ID numbers.
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