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OverSoul SoulGems Information

If you would like to help support OverSoul, you can purchase Artix Points or SoulGems in-game! Artix Points are Artix Entertainment's special elite currency that can be purchased for your Artix Account and spent for any SoulGems package.

What exactly are SoulGems? As per the Official OverSoul Wiki – SoulGems (also referred to as SG), are special gems that you can use to Buy/Evolve certain monsters in Oversoul, or to guarantee a possession of any monster after defeating it in a battle.

If SoulGems are purchased with Artix Points, the Artix Points can be spent on a SoulGems package. If SoulGems are purchased in-game directly, Artix Points are purchased and automatically spent for however many SoulGems you chose to purchase.

OverSoul offers multiple SoulGems packages, including special Bonus Rewards that can be earned.

Here are all of the SoulGems packages OverSoul offers with Artix Points:

  • $5.00 (or) 1000 Artix Points = 20 SoulGems
  • $9.95 (or) 2000 Artix Points = 40 SoulGems
  • $19.95 (or) 4000 Artix Points = 80 SoulGems
  • $34.95 (or) 7000 Artix Points = 160 SoulGems
  • $49.95 (or) 10000 Artix Points = 250 SoulGems

Here is a list of the SoulGems Bonus Rewards:

  • Skexis Fiend was rewarded to our Stress Testers (Stress test ended on September 12th, 2013)
  • Void Knight was rewarded to our Alpha Testers (Alpha ended on October 31st, 2013 when Beta was released)
  • Void Reaper - Buy a Lifetime total of 160 Soul Gems
  • Black Dragon - Buy a Lifetime total of 250 Soul Gems
  • "Founder" title and Founder Adept - Awarded to players who bought Soul Gems before January 1st 2013
  • Pactonal Captain Shop Unlocked - Shop becomes accessible to players who bought a Lifetime total of 300 Soul Gems

Six free SoulGems are also given out when you confirm your email on your Artix Account and if you participated in OverSoul Alpha testing which ended on Sept 13th, 2012. If you need more information on how to confirm your email for your Artix Account, please visit the How do I confirm my email for my Artix Account? Help Page.

If you have any questions about Artix Points, please visit the Artix Points Packages Help Page and the Artix Points FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions.) More information about SoulGems can be found in the SoulGems Upgrade Page. If you purchased Artix Points and have not received them yet, please visit the I paid for Artix Points but I haven't received them! Help Page.

If you would like to purchase SoulGems for a friend, since we do not allow Artix Accounts to be shared, you can purchase an Artix Points Gift Certificate and gift it to your friend. More information about Artix Points Gift Certificates can be found in the Artix Points Packages Help Page and the How do I purchase Artix Points for a friend/relative? Help Page as well.

contactPlease email us if you have any questions about SoulGems.

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