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What exactly is Varium? As per the EpicDuel Wiki – Varium is a unique element with the properties of a metal and the qualities of a living organism. Unlike the metals found on the periodic table, Varium “grows” in a fashion similar to plants, its molecular structure going through a bizarre synthesis to replicate and increase in size and volume. It would appear that heat is the catalyst for growth, but Varium’s mysteries are far from being entirely unraveled. The most that can be said for this strange and desirable metal is that it is extraordinarily versatile and thusly yields value with no foreseeable ceiling.

Varium is also EpicDuel's special elite in-game currency that you can purchase with Artix Points. EpicDuel offers multiple Varium packages, including their 10000 Varium package that always comes with limited time promotional items that usually related to the releases, wars and events that happen in EpicDuel.

Here are all of the Varium packages EpicDuel offers with Artix Points:

  • 10000 Varium for 10000 Artix Points - includes EpicDuel's most recent promotional items
  • 5000 Varium for 7000 Artix Points
  • 2500 Varium for 4000 Artix Points
  • 1250 Varium for 2000 Artix Points
  • 500 Varium for 1000 Artix Points

Varium can only be purchased with Artix Points and cannot be transferred between EpicDuel characters. All of our upgrades are a one time fee, we don't have any monthly fees, reoccurring charges or automatic renewals!

If you have any questions about Artix Points, please visit the Artix Points Packages Help Page and the Artix Points FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions.) More information about Varium can be found at the EpicDuel Varium Page. If you purchased Artix Points and have not received them yet, please visit the I paid for Artix Points but I haven't received them! Help Page.

If you would like to purchase Varium for a friend, since we do not allow Artix Accounts to be shared, you can purchase an Artix Points Gift Certificate and gift it to your friend. More information about Artix Points Gift Certificates can be found in the Artix Points Packages Help Page and the How do I purchase Artix Points for a friend/relative? Help Page as well.

contactPlease email us if you have any questions about Varium.

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