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How do I Recover my Account?

Do you need to recover your hacked, stolen or lost account? Then you have come to the right place! You can try our options here or email us to recover your account. You cannot get an account back in-game or via our in-game reporting system.

  1. Recover your Account (For Paid Players)
  2. Recover your Account (For Free Players)
  3. Recover your Password
  4. Update your Signup Email
  5. Protect Your Account
  6. Frequently Asked Questions

Most accounts that are 'Hacked' are not truly 'hacked.' An account is stolen because a player has given their password out to a 'friend,' who then takes advantage of that information. Players do this because the 'friend' has promised them in-game items, gold or AdventureCoins and no one can give you these things in-game. We have no control over what information you give to another player, but YOU DO. Remember, we do not allow players to share, trade, sell or give away accounts. If someone wants to purchase you an upgrade, please have them purchase you an Artix Points gift certificate via our HeroMart Store.


1. Recover your Account (for Paid Players)

It is really easy for paid players to recover their account by using our Automated Recovery Page. Since you made a payment to your account, all you need is your tranasction ID number!

  • Step One
    Find your Payment Confirmation Email. This email contains your transaction ID. You can search your email using the words "Artix Payment, "AQWorlds Payment," etc.
  • Step Two
    Write down or type your transaction ID and payment method for the next step.
  • Step Three
    Fill out the Automated Recovery Page. Please note, auto-recovery can only be used with certain payment methods. SMS payments are not proof of purchase for recovering accounts!

If you DO NOT have your payment confirmation email or transaction ID, please refer to #2 Recover your Account (For Free Players).

Once you enter all of the correct information to our Automated Recovery Page, you will receive a new secure password. Once you have your new password, immediately log into your account and change your password and email addresss if necessary. Then refer to Protect Your Account.


2. Recover your Account (For Free Players)

If you have made a payment to us and are unable to find your payment confirmation email or transaction ID, your transacyion ID is not working or you are a free player, you can recover your account here!

We need to following information:
1. Your Game or Artix account name
2. Your original signup email - DO NOT PUT THE HACKER'S EMAIL!
3. For Payment Method, put FREE ACCOUNT
4. For Transaction ID, put NONE
5. Then enter any other information you have about the account or how you lost it, this will help us recover your account faster!
6. Then Send Your Message via our Email weforms:

a. Click here to email us about AdventureQuest Worlds
b. Click here to email us about your Artix Account (including EpicDuel/HeroSmash/OverSoul)
c. Click here to email us about DragonFable
d. Click here to email us about AdventureQuest/WarpForce
e. Click here to email us about MechQuest

Please note, it can take up to 3 business days to receive a response. Do not send another email unless it has been 4 business days. Sending multiple emails will not get you help any quicker and may delay our response.

if you do try email us to try and gain access to an account that is not yours, your own account(s) may be disabled. Remember, if you don't have access to your original signup email, please visit our How do I update my signup email? Help Page.

When your account has been reset, we will respond to your email and send a new password to your original signup email.


3. Recover your Password

If you have lost your password, use the Lost Password Page to recover your password:

  1. Click here to go to the Lost Password Page for AdventureQuest Worlds
  2. Click here to go to the Lost Password Page for your Artix Account (ED/HS/OverSoul)
  3. Click here to go to the Lost Password Page for DragonFable
  4. Click here to go to the Lost Password Page for AdventureQuest/WarpForce
  5. Click here to go to the Lost Password Page for MechQuest

Make sure you check your spam folder or junk folder! Hotmail, AOL and Yahoo email addresses often have our Lost Password emails go into their spam/junk folder. So if you use the page and don't see your Lost Password email within a few minutes, check your junk/spam folder.


4. Update your Signup Email

If you need to update your signup email, please visit our Help Page. You do need to send us ALL of the information we request to confirm account ownership so we can update your signup email for you.



5. Protect Your Account

  • Do not give out your password to anyone!
  • Do not give out your Artix Account name either!
  • No REAL Staff member will ever ask you for your password! This includes anyone pretending to be a Staff member on any social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook or someone emailing from a non-Artix email.
  • Do not fall for scams such as:
    I'll give you a free upgrade.
    Who wants a verified Guardian/Dragonlord/StarCaptain on their account?
    Want to Trade Accounts?
    Who wants Free In-Game Currency?
  • Report any user who asks for your password or who uses scams the ones above. For AQWorlds, type /report playername and /ignore playername.
  • Use a password that is at least 8 characters long that is alpha-numeric and case sensitive and that is something difficult to guess. Don't use a password such as password, computer, 12345, qwerty, god, dog, mom, etc.
  • Do not leave yourself logged in on a public computer such as at a school or a library.
  • Do not save your user name and password on a public computer.
  • Do not enter your account name and password on any other website but an official Artix Entertainment site! You can report scamming/phishing/hacking sites via our Copyright Violations Email Form.
  • For more information on how to keep your account as secure as possible, here is our How do I keep my account secure? Help Page


6. Frequently Asked questions

Q. What if I gave out my password and I lost all my in-game items? Will I get them back?
A. Unfortunately, we do not have a system in place to allow us easily to replace lost items. If you are a paid player, we may be able to view your AdventureCoins/DragonCoins/NovaGems/Z-Tokens/Varium/SoulGems/Artix Points spending history and look for irregularities. Here is our help page regarding lost items.

Q: What if I am a paid player and don’t have my account Transaction ID? Can I still get my account back?
A: Yes! Refer to #2 Recover your Account (For Free Players).

Q: What if an Artix staff member asks me for my password?
A: A real Artix Staff member would NEVER ask for your password as they would never need it!

Q: Should I ever share my password?
A: NEVER share your password with anyone!

Q: Is it okay to share my account with a friend/sibling/relative?
A: No! We do not allow people to share, trade, buy, sell or give away accounts. This is a direct violation of our Rules.

Q: I emailed Artix to get my account back but haven't heard back and it's been 3 days. What do I do?
A: Submit the webform email once more. There is the chance we didn't receive it. Sometimes Yahoo, Hotmail and AOL filter our emails.

Q: Has my financial information been compromised since my account was hacked/stolen?
A: No. Artix Entertainment does not store or retain your payment information since we use third party services such as PayPal, UltimatePay, ClickAndBuy, etc. for processing payments. Your financial information is not compromised if your Game or Artix account is compromised.

Q: Is your game/site insecure? Is that how I'm getting hacked?
A: No, our website is secure. An account cannot be "hacked" through our website or game. Most "hackings" are again, due to a player giving out their password.

Q: I created my EpicDuel account via another site, like HeyZap. Who do I contact for assistance?
A: You will have to contact customer support via whatever website you created the EpicDuel account for assistance as we do not have access to their system(s).

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