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Artix Points FAQ - How Do I Spend My Points?

Artix Points - What are they, how do I get them and how do I spend them?

If you have an Artix Account and need to spend your points:

Here are the steps to spend Points:
  1. Log in to your Artix Account.

  2. Click on either the Game Account Name (Big Yellow Button) or click on the My Games menu at the top left and then choose your Game Account Name.

  3. If you have not linked your game accounts to your Artix Account yet, click on MY ACCOUNT on your Artix Account profile and click on LINK GAME ACCOUNTS to the left.

  4. Choose the upgrade or in-game currency you would like to receive and click SELECT OR BUY. For DragonFable and MechQuest you must select your character first.

  5. Confirm that you have chosen the correct upgrade or in-game currency and click BUY UPGRADE WITH ARTIX POINTS.

  6. You now have your upgrade or in-game currency!

Please note, for BladeHaven, you can spend Artix Points directly in-game.

If you do not have an Artix Account:

Here are the steps to create a new Artix Account:

  1. Go to our Portal Site
  2. Click the REGISTER button at the top of the screen.
  3. Enter your birthday, email, account name, password, confirm password, and agree to our Terms & Conditions.
  4. You have created your new Artix Account and can now purchase Artix Points!
  5. If you need to link your other game accounts to your Artix Account, please visit our Help Page.


What exactly are Artix Points?

We are glad you asked! With the release of our Portal site that brings all of our games together (AdventureQuest, DragonFable, MechQuest, AdventureQuest Worlds, HeroSmash, EpicDuel, OverSoul) we now offer Artix Points you can purchase that can be redeemed for upgrades/in-game currency for any of our games! Artix Points are our super special Elite Currency that can only be used for any Artix Game! You can also spend Artix Points for our mini-game BladeHaven, PonyvsPony or any of our new upcoming games!

How do I purchase Artix Points?

Here are the steps you have to take to purchase Artix Points:

  1. Login to your Artix Account at our Portal Site
  2. Click on "GET POINTS"
  3. Choose which payment method you would like to use
  4. Follow the steps to use whatever payment method you chose
  5. After your payment has been processed and accepted, you will receive *2* confirmation emails! One is from us (Artix Entertainment) and one is from whatever payment method you use, such as PayPal, PlaySpan/UltimatePay, ClickandBuy, etc.
  6. You now have Artix Points!

How do I get Artix Points if I have an Artix Upgrade Card?

  1. Go to our Upgrade Card Page to redeem your Upgrade Card, which will then convert into Artix Points (ex. a $19.95 Upgrade Card equals 4000 Points.)
  2. Then you can follow all of the steps listed in the above "IF YOU HAVE AN ARTIX ACCOUNT AND NEED TO SPEND YOUR POINTS" as the steps are the same.

What if I purchased an Upgrade Card and do not have an Artix Account?

Please follow the above "IF YOU DO NOT HAVE AN ARTIX ACCOUNT."

How many Artix Points do I have to buy to get an upgrade or in-game currency?

Here is a list what you have to spend to get points, how many points you get and how much bonus XP you get (wow!)

  • $9.95 = 2000 Points
  • $19.95 = 4000 Points
  • $24.95 = 5000 Points and 100 XP
  • $39.95 = 8000 Points and 200 XP
  • $49.95 = 10000 Points and 250 XP
  • $54.95 = 11000 Points and 325 XP
  • $64.95 = 13000 Points and 400 XP

There are some other packages available, including smaller ones, if you use a mobile payment method. We also have other packages (such as 9000 Artix Points) that will show up if you have purchased an odd number of Artix Points and a different package may be more beneficial for you so you can spend as many Artix Points as possible for an upgrade and won't have an odd number left over.

How many Artix Points equals an upgrade?

Essentially, 200 Points = $1.00 toward an upgrade.

How can I see what upgrades I can get with my Artix Points?

  1. Please login to your Artix Account.
  2. Scroll down to "YOUR GAME ACCOUNTS" and click on any of the big yellow buttons that lists your account name for your linked accounts.
  3. The drop down menu will show you how many points you have to spend to get a specific upgrade or in-game currency. For DragonFable and MechQuest, you will have to choose which character you want to upgrade before seeing the drop down selection of upgrades.

What payment methods do you offer for purchasing Artix Points?

  • PlaySpan/UltimatePay (PayPal & credit/debit card payments)
  • ClickandBuy
  • UltimateGameCard
  • Rixty/Coinstar
  • Artix Entertainment Upgrade Cards - Upgrade Card Page
  • Postal Mail
  • SMS Cell Phone/Home Phone payments (Allopass and PayMo/Boku)
  • Cherry Credits
  • Zeevex Cards
  • FastCash
  • Paymentez
  • DragonPay
  • Subway Cards
  • You can also earn free Points by participating in our AExtras Offers!

What's the point of buying Artix Points? Can't I just purchase an upgrade at that games' website instead?

You can for AdventureQuest, DragonFable, MechQuest and AdventureQuest Worlds. You can only purchase upgrades for Artix Games that require an Artix Account Login with Artix Points. However, not only are Artix Points our Elite Currency, they are "stackable." This means you can buy Points using several different payment methods, earn them free via AExtras Offers and when you redeem Artix Points for upgrades, you can gain Battleon Game Gamer XP. You can also spend Artix Points directly in BladeHaven for cool stuff! Any new games will also require Artix Points to be purchased if you want to buy something for that game.

How do I purchase Artix Points for a friend/relative?

Since we do not allow accounts to be shared, you can purchase an Artix Points gift certificate via our online store HeroMart!. Parents - you can still login to your child's account and purchase upgrades, especially if a child is under 13 years of age, we do require the parent to create the account and a parent email to be provided.

Artix Points gift certificates can be purchased for the following amounts:
2000 Artix Points for $10
5000 Artix Points for $20
10000 Artix Points for $50
15000 Artix Points for $75
20000 Artix Points for $100

Once the Artix Points Gift Certificate is purchased, a code is sent to you via email and you can gift the code. Artix Points can be spent on upgrades for any games, including AQWorlds! You do have to have an Artix (Master) Account created via our Portal Site and have your game accounts linked to your Artix (Master) account to receive and redeem the Artix Points and to choose the upgrade you want to purchase.

If someone wants to purchase you an upgrade, please direct them to purchase an Artix Points Gift Certificate! Sharing accounts and purchasing upgrades for friends does cause security issues and we wouldn't want your account to be disabled due to sharing.

What does the Battleon Game Gamer XP give you?

Eventually it will unlock super special stuff! We are still working on it.

What if I purchased an upgrade for one of the games before the Artix Point system was introduced?

Good question! We are still working out the kinks, but we are going to try and offer "retro-active" XP in the future. We have always rewarded and honored those players who have purchased upgrades before something new is released!

How can I see how many Artix Points I have?

Login to your Artix Account and you can see how many Points you have.

Do my Artix Points ever expire?

No! If you do not have enough Points to purchase an upgrade, just hang on to them until you do.

I used SMS to purchase Artix Points. How come I received a different amount of Artix Points compared to previous purchases?

Please visit our SMS Page for more information.

I have a question/issue that is not answered here.

Please email us for assistance.

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