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Do you have questions about the Artix Design Notes? Also called the Artix Blog, here are Frequently Asked Questions and answers you may have about commenting, Artix Accounts, etc.

Q. Can I change my Artix Display Name?
A. Unfortunately, you cannot. Make sure to pick a Display Name you want!

Q. I cannot login to my Artix Account to choose my Display Name, what should I do?
A. If you cannot login to your Artix Account, it may be hacked, stolen or lost or you just forgot your password. Please visit the My Account is Hacked, Stolen or Lost! Help Page for further assistance.

Q. After I login to my Artix Account, I am prompted to confirm my email address. How do I do that?
A. If you have not confirmed your email for your Artix Account, you need to do so before you can choose a Display Name. Please visit the How do I confirm my email for my Artix Account? Help Page for further assistance.

Q. I already picked a Display Name but now I am being prompted to choose another name. How come?
A. Most likely you either picked a name that was inappropriate or a name that belonged to or was too close to an AE Staff member, so it was wiped. Please choose another name. They may also be some kind of bug, please report any bugs to the Artix Entertainment Bug Hunter System.

Q. I commented but I don't see my comment yet. Why not?
A. If you don't see your comment yet, either it was not approved yet or wasn't approved as it was inappropriate or spam. Please make sure to comment accordingly as we have players of all ages who play our games and visit www.Artix.com. If your comment was deleted by an Artix.com moderator, it was most likely due to inappropriate language or behavior, spamming, advertising something not AE related, or a violation of the Artix Rules.

Q. How long does it take for my comment to be approved?
A. It can take up to 3 business days for your comment to be approved. Please be patient as the Artix moderators have to approve comments manually and need to make sure they are appropriate to approve.

Q. My comment was posted and then removed. Why?
A. If your comment was approved and then removed, it was because there was an issue with it such as it being inappropriate or spam and it got past our approval filters.

Q. I think I experienced a bug/glitch on Artix.com, where do I report it?
A. That's easy - you can report any bugs/glitches/etc via the Artix Entertainment Bug Hunter System! We have Bug Hunters who check reports and squash bugs every day!

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