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Artix Upgrade Card FAQ

Artix Upgrade Cards (also called Artix Pre-Paid Cards or Retail Cards) are our very own pre-loaded card you can purchase with cash at participating retail stores! You receive Artix Points after redemption and can spend the Artix Points on upgrades or in-game currency for any of our games! Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about Artix Upgrade Cards:

Q. How do I redeem an Artix Upgrade Card?
A. All Artix Upgrade Cards have instructions how to redeem them. Usually you are sent to www.artix.com/card or sometimes to www.battleon.com/card if you purchased an older card. Please make sure you have an Artix Account created via our Portal Site and whichever Artix Game Account linked to your Artix Account so you can spend your Artix Points on an upgrade.

The main steps to redeem your card are:

  • Go to our Portal Site and login to your Artix Account
  • Click on GET POINTS at the top of the page
  • Click on Upgrade Cards to the left under the Artix Points Menu or select how many Artix Points you are purchasing and select Artix Game Card PIN as your payment method and you are also directed to the Upgrade Cards page
  • Enter your PIN and click the NEXT button
  • Finish following the steps and as long as the correct PIN is entered, you will receive your Artix Points that you can spend on any upgrade in any game!
  • Once your payment is approved and completed, you will receive confirmation emails from Artix Entertainment and PlaySpan/UltimatePay that act as your receipt

Q. How do I purchase an upgrade after redeeming an Artix Upgrade Card for Artix Points?
A. Please visit Artix Points Packages and the Artix Points FAQ for more information. Please note, game accounts are required to be linked to an Artix Account to redeem Artix Upgrade Cards. If you need help linking a game account, please visit the How do I link/unlink game accounts to/from my Artix Account? Help Page.

Q. What do I get from redeeming an Artix Upgrade Card?
A. 4000 Artix Points for a $19.95 card or 5000 Artix Points for a $24.95/$29.95 card if you're in Australia/New Zealand.

Q. Does the Artix Upgrade Card ever expire?
A. Artix Upgrade Cards do NOT expire and can be redeemed at any time. We recommend using it as soon as possible after purchasing so it does not get lost or misplaced.

Q. What upgrades can I purchase with my Artix Upgrade Card?
A. You can purchase any number of upgrades up to the amount of your card. You receive at least 4000 Artix Points which is equal to a $19.95 upgrade in any of our games.

Q. What if I redeem my Artix Upgrade Card to the wrong Artix Account?
A. Artix Points can be transferred to the correct Artix Account as long as the Artix Points have not been spent. Please visit the the Artix Points FAQ for more information or you can email us below.

Q. What if I have an issue redeeming my Artix Upgrade Card?
A. If you cannot redeem your Artix Upgrade Card, please make sure you are entering the correct PIN number. If your issues continue or you have scratched off your PIN number, please email us for help. Make sure you include your serial number, PIN number and what store you purchased the card from.

contactIf you have an issue with an Artix Upgrade Card, please email us.

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