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HeroSmash SmashCoins Information

If you would like to help support HeroSmash, you can purchase Artix Points and spend them on SmashCoins!

SmashCoins are an in-game currency HeroSmash players can purchase to permanently unlock exclusive content and in-game bonuses. SmashCoins can only be purchased with Artix Points. For HeroSmash, an upgrade is per account, not character. This means whatever upgrade you purchase applies to all characters on your account! You do not have to be a Member to purchase SmashCoins.

Here are the SmashCoins packages we offer:

  • $49.95 - 20000 SmashCoins
  • $24.95 - 6000 SmashCoins (plus rare bonus items!)
  • $19.95 - 5000 SmashCoins
  • $ 9.95 - 2000 SmashCoins

If you purchase a SmashCoins item and then want to sell it and get SmashCoins back, please note that after purchasing it, the value of the SmashCoins item does start to depreciate. 

We also offer a special VIP membership if your HeroSmash and AdventureQuest Worlds accounts are linked to the same Artix Account! If you purchase a membership in AQWorlds, you get the same length membership in HeroSmash! The VIP membership does not include any SmashCoins or AdventureCoins. You have to have your HeroSmash and AQWorlds accounts linked to receive both memberships, so if you do not, we cannot retroactively give you the membership. If you have an issue with linking an AQWorlds account, please visit the How do I link/unlink game accounts to/from my Artix Account? Help Page.

If you have any questions about Artix Points, please visit the Artix Points Packages Help Page and the Artix Points FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions.) More information about HeroSmash upgrades can be found at the HeroSmash Upgrade Page. If you purchased Artix Points and have not received them yet, please visit the I paid for Artix Points but I haven't received them! Help Page.

If you would like to purchase a HeroSmash upgrade for a friend, since we do not allow Artix Accounts to be shared, you can purchase an Artix Points Gift Certificate and gift it to your friend. More information about Artix Points Gift Certificates can be found in the Artix Points Packages Help Page and the How do I purchase Artix Points for a friend/relative? Help Page as well.

contactPlease email us if you have any questions about SmashCoins.

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