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In this section, we cover account hacking, account bans, lost password, confirming your email address, verifying your account, account security, changing email addresses and passwords, as well as other account questions.

If another player is harassing you via chat in one of our MMO's, please do the two following things:

  1. type /ignore player name to ignore the player
  2. type /report player name to report the player

This can also be done by using the drop-down menu, or clicking on the person in-game and clicking on the player's character portrait and then click on the options.

Remember, we do not allow people to share, trade or give away accounts.

Questions with an * indiciate that there is an email webform available for further assistance.

Verifying/Confirming Information
How do I link/unlink Accounts?*
How do I confirm my email?*

Account Issues
I lost my password!
How do I recover my account?*
How do I change my email address or password?
How do I update my signup email?*
What do I do if my account is banned, muted or disabled?*
I lost my equipment, currency, etc. What do I do?
How can I get my accounts back if I disputed a payment or had a payment issue with you?

Redeeming Promo Codes
Where do I go to redeem in-game codes from a HeroMart item?*

Account Security
How do I keep my account secure?*
Am I allowed to share, trade, sell or give away my account?

General Account Questions
I have an issue with Offers, help!
What are the Rules?
How can I delete my Artix Account?*

Remember, the Artix Staff will NEVER ask you for your password! Never give it out to anyone!

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